Gas station 2

Date of publication: 22.02.2017

A gas station near the customs post Kotlovka on the Belarus-Lithuania border will soon begin to operate. It is second gas station of the “SiFinance” company, a member of association “Turkish capital” .

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Appartment house

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A private unitary enterprise “Sedat”, a member of the Association “Turkish capital” is realizing the investment project “Residential house 1004” in Novopolotsk. The construction of a modern 49-apartment Подробнее

Gas station 1

Date of publication: 20.02.2017

A gas station near the customs post Kotlovka began to operate in Febuary 2015, at a distance of 1 km from the border with Lithuania. It was commissioned by the “SiFinance” company, a member of association Подробнее


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Reconstruction of administrative premises in the administrative building on the Kuibyshev str. 35 into administrative-commercial premises.


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The project involves accommodation of three hectares of modern 4-6-storey office building with two elevators, parking for 300 cars and accomplishment of territory. It should be noted that the building Подробнее

The residential building

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The building is located in one of the best areas of the city on Halo Str.. Ten-storey apartment house is made by technology of frame-monolithic construction. It has three entrances and 108 flats.