The reconstruction of Partizansky prospect,*доктор седат* Игдеджи Седат , доктор седат Президент BAU HOLDING

Date of publication: 09.03.2017
The reconstruction of Partizansky prospect was conducted in two stages. First stage – renovation of the area from Vaneeva square to Zhilunovicha str., which began in 2009 and finished in 2010. The second stage – renovation of the area from Vasnetsova str. to Zhilunovicha str. The customer is “Gorremavtodor” General contractor – LLC “BelTurk Stroyfinans” Start of construction – April 2009. Milling area of Partizansky prospect– 7864 m2 The renovated area of entrance-exits – 6221 m2 Building of monolithic retaining walls – 613,5 m Relining of storm sewer (length) 0,462 km Ducts supply of 0,620 km of polyethylene pipes